Top 7 Classy Aso Ebi Styles

Top 7 Classy Aso Ebi Styles

Posted on :- 23/03/2019

These traditional styles made a big impression on us and we bet they would reshape your design mindset and inspire your next aso ebi look. The magic in these styles is how they blend so many influences and aesthetics through a contemporary lens.

These styles take on a new direction; bold cuts and inventive colour combinations are among the ideas you would find presented in this lookbook. What else? We love how these looks still convey the individuality of the wearer amidst the elaborate details and in the age of Instagram, where most designs are so similar, these aso ebi looks are downright refreshing.

See pictures below:

aso-ebi-@tiannahsplacempire-819x1024.jpg (819×1024)


aso-ebi-@klalaphotography-819x1024.jpg (819×1024)


aso-ebi-@adaeliazcouture-819x1024.jpg (819×1024)


aso-ebi-@curvygirljournal-883x1024.jpg (883×1024)


aso-ebi-@kie_kie__-819x1024.jpg (819×1024)


aso-ebi-@demitee_o-853x1024.jpg (853×1024)


aso-ebi-@aunty_dimma-819x1024.jpg (819×1024)



Photo Credit: IG | As Captioned

Article posted by :- Sanusi Usman

on 2019-03-23 11:51:24

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