Top 20 Football Clubs On Social Media

Top 20 Football Clubs On Social Media

Posted on :- 11/01/2019

Clubs from around the world are represented in this infographic that reveals just how many followers each has right now.  What’s rather astonishing about this is just how far ahead of the ‘big two’ Spanish teams are from the chasing pack. 

Real Madrid is the current leader at the time of publishing, edging Barcelona overall and in all individual social media streams.  Six teams from England unsurprisingly feature in the top 20 and it’s Manchester United who have impressive numbers of their own.  The marketing of top football clubs is so important for their income and sustainability and, in particular, the sales of merchandise to a global fan base.



Article posted by :- Sanusi Usman

on 2019-01-11 07:57:44

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