TENNIS: My Biggest Times Were In 2017/2018 January - Roger Federer

TENNIS: My Biggest Times Were In 2017/2018 January - Roger Federer

Posted on :- 06/12/2018

In an interview to NRC, Roger Federer spoke about the beginning of his 2018 season. From January 2017 to January 2018, the Swiss won three Grand Slam titles: 2017 and 2018 Australian Open, 2017 Wimbledon. Was that the best tennis he has ever played? 'Maybe,' Federer said.

'It's different, the game changed. I had to adapt. In terms of win percentage, it was definitely one of my biggest times in career. Even 2005, 2006 and 2007 were unbelievable. I played a lot at the time, around 25 tournaments a year.

Now I cannot do it anymore. What's more difficult? Playing a lot, winning a lot. Or playing less and winning a lot. If you get less opportunities, you also have more pressure. I think that it's nice that my game evolved, I play more aggressive.

And I was not afraid to switch rackets.' In 2014, Federer moved to a "97 racket, compared to the 90" frame with which he previously played. Federer looked more efficient on the backhand side. Would he have won more Grand Slams if he made this change a few years before? 'Remember that I won the 2012 Wimbledon and 2010 Australian Open.

I played well, you know. It's not that I had to change something, I was very happy about my racket. But I wanted to try the transition. In 2002 I went from a "85 to 90 racket. It was a big change for me. From 2002 to 2014 I played with it and won 17 Grand Slams.

It's difficult to change a racket that made you win everything. It's interesting if I had more or less success by switching it before. I do not know it.


Article posted by :- Isaac Joseph

on 2018-12-06 14:07:57

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