Joe Budden And Fiancee Reportedly Part Ways

Joe Budden And Fiancee Reportedly Part Ways

Posted on :- 03/05/2019

Joe Budden and his fiancee Cyn Santana have reportedly gone separate ways thereby ending their four months engagement.

According to, the two got into a big fight and ended their relationship. Cyn Santana according to reports has stopped wearing her engagement ring. Both Joe and Cyn have unfollowed each other on Instagram. Cyn has even deleted every photo of herself and Joe from her Instagram page.

“Hopefully they can work it out, they have their son and they have a lot of love. They are both very passionate, so hopefully, this is a case of fighting hard and loving hard and the hope among their friends is that they will work this out. But as of now, she is saying it is over. She seems very upset, hurt and angry,” sources close to the estranged couple revealed.

It is not clear why the couple decided to go their separate way as they have yet to release any statement. It would be recalled that Joe Budden and Cyn Santana got engaged in December 2018.

Article posted by :- Sanusi Usman

on 2019-05-03 09:45:30

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