Lagos Real Fake Life

Lagos Real Fake Life

G (General Audience) | 110 Mins | Comedy

Lagos Real Fake Life is a true life comedy movie that showcases the realistic and so so fake lifestyle of some people who reside in or even visit LAGOS. For some it’s “Stay Content and Wait” and for others its “FAKE it Till you MAKE IT”.The movie takes you on a journey to see the Arrogance of some LAGOS LANDLORDS. Also, how some GIRLS HIDE their current GHETTO Residential Status to claim Porsche lifestyles. Some Men’s Quest for others to Believe they Are “DOING WELL “and “HAVE ARRIVED “…They all Strive to Earn Undeserved Respect from Humility Driven Ones. Even some Foreigners are not left out as they have to claim FAKE IDENTITIES to get their own Share of the supposed LAGOS LARGESSE.

Genres: | Comedy


Release Date:

Nigeria -- 16-11-2018

Technical Specs

Runtime: 110 Mins

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