Review :- Zero Hour

Review :- Zero Hour

Posted on :- 25/03/2019
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Date Released: March 22, 2019.

Synopsis: The plot of the movie follows the story of Alhaji Danlami (played by RMD), a two-faced individual, and Zamani (Ekubo), an heir to an empire who returned home after his father passed on to take over his business.

Stars: Richard Mofe Damijo, Alex Ekubo, Rahama Sadau, Ali Nuhu, Eucharia Anunobi, Ene Oloja and Halima Yusuf, and many others.

Director: Robert Peters

Movie Review: Nollywood toped-up their game by collaborating with Kannywood in the production of Zero Hour, a romantic thriller movie that keeps you glued to your screen. It is to me, one of the best of Nollywood and I am quite impressed. Unlike, other Nollywood movies which you can predict the end from the beginning, this is not so. Who would predict that Alhaji Danlami was a two-faced uncle that pretended to be loving and caring but turned out to be a wolf in sheep's clothing?

I particularly loved the role of Zee, she was so smart and articulate even at times, you would think she was out of her mind. Zee was a lady so fearless with great dreams that only Zamani keyed into; making Zamani and Zee a partner no one could separate, not even Hawal, her fiance.

Alex Ekubo really tried acting his role as a returnee heir to a vast empire, who wants to take over his late fathers business but is entirely unprepared for what is thrown at him. However, he fights his way through all the family drama, with support from his loving mother and his new found love.

The role of the hired killer was also very remarkable, unknowing that he was a DSS. How can I forget those words in his reply to Zamani explaining who he is; " I work for nobody but I work for everybody"? About the DSS returning the three million naira to its rightful owners; I keep pondering, is that possible in Nigeria? 

Zero Hour is almost flawless for me but I implore Nollywood producers to work on the ending of our movies.  For Zero hour, I feel the best way the movie would have ended was when RMD was arrested alongside his gang members as it was obvious that Zamani and Zee would make a perfect couple. 

Generally, the movie has a lot of family love, business, money laundry, crime, and murder all hanging around its fold. It is a great movie for every member of the family. The movie teaches us to be careful of who we trust. 


Article posted by :- Uduak Andrew Bassey

on 2019-03-25 14:42:08

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