Review :- King of Boys

Review :- King of Boys

Posted on :- 07/11/2018
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Director : Kemi Adetiba

Starring: Sola Sobowale, Remilekun “Reminisce” Safaru, Adesua Etomi, Jide Kosoko, Tobechukwu “illbliss” Ejiofor, Toni Tones, Sharon Ooja, Akin Lewis, Paul Gambo, Ademola Adedoyin

Duration : 170 mins


Reminisce plays the role of Makanaki in the movie which tells the story of Alhaja Eniola Salami, a businesswoman and philanthropist with a checkered past and a promising political future played by Sola Sobowale.

Alhaja Salami is a pillar of society — loved by many, feared by most, and truly known by a select few.

As her political ambitions see her outgrowing the underworld connections responsible for her considerable wealth, she’s drawn into a power struggle that threatens everything she holds dear.

To come out of this on top, she will need every ounce of the cunning, ruthlessness, and strategy that took her to the top, as well as the loyalty of those closest to her. But who can she really trust?


King Of Boys is Kemi Adetiba's sophomore movie project and I can totally agree that an improvement from her debut project - The Wedding Party is more than obvious. Unlike most Nigerian movies whose trailers are filled with exciting hype but absolute garbage after watching the full movie, the 2 hours 50 minutes King Of Boys is a total exception as the movie trailer didn't even portray the full suspense and action of the movie.

From directing music videos to graduating to movie production, Kemi Adetiba has come a long way and could become a major force in the Nigerian and world film industry if she keeps up with this magnificient pace of brilliance.

King of Boys encapsulates and portrays arguably everything that recur in Nigerian politics ranging from Godfatherism, thuggery, money laundering, unquenchable thirst for power and many more.

The movie cast is one of the most carefully and well-selected ones I have seen in a Nigerian movie in a long time. From Sola Sobowale (Older Eniola Salami), Adesua Etomi (Kemi), Reminisce (Makanaki), Jide Kosoko (Alhaji Salami), Illbliss (Odogwu) and almost everyone, they played their roles perfectly to come up with this masterpiece of a movie. Movie debutants; Illbliss and Reminisce have sure given movie directors a great impression as they passed their movie auditions excellently.

The beginning of the movie where Eniola Salami smashed the face of a guy with a hammer was already an indication that all my time and energy spent on the long queues in acquiring a ticket was totally worth it. Unimaginable plot twists, suspense, action and drama got me glued to my seat without flinching because of the fear of missing the slightest detail of every scene.

Sola Sobowale was fierce and wore the Eniola Salami character perfectly. Meanwhile, Reminisce (Makanaki) was superb whilst channeling his inner thuggery and his awesome display could mean we could be seeing on the screen more often in the near future. "The Bite the table" scene is still as fresh as today's bread in my memory.

Fellow movie debutant, Illbliss (Odogwu) isn't left out too with his Igbo background fitting the Odogwu character exquisitely. Adesua Etomi's (Kemi) role seemed an unusual one for her but she failed to disappoint forming a fiesty relationship with her wayward brother - Ademola Adedoyin (Kiitan) who also did an impeccable job in playing the role of a spoilt rich kid.

Not to forget veteran actor Jide Kosoko (Eniola's late husband), he did a tremendous job fitting well in the "Sugar daddy" character (which reminded me of Lasisi Elenu's sugar daddy instagram comedy series).

From the cinematography, sound effects, filmtricks, background music to perfect and well-timed subtitle, the movie will definitely make huge numbers at the box office and is certainly on its way to becoming the best Nigerian movie in 2018 except someone comes up with something way out of the ordinary in the last two months of the year (which won't happen anyway).

However, in as much as King of boys was a very good watch, there were some things that made the movie 1% short of perfection.

Firstly, the excessive use of yoruba proverbs was really irritating and annoying as the use of proverbs were unnecessarily inserted in some scenes.

Likewise, the fortification done for Makanaki by a herbalist was totally unuseful and irrelevant as the purpose didn't suffice throughout the movie. I expected Makanaki to become bulletproof or at least something similar when Odogwu fired gunshots at him but to my greatest shock, my expectation was only an imagination.

Also, the Nigerian movie industry really need to work on getting better child actors. The children that played Eniola Salami and Bunmi (as kids) were sluggish therefore making the scene painful to watch.

In addition, some scenes were overdragged and these added to the superfluous longevity of the movie.

Moreover, a clear connection of love between the NCCC boss - Paul Sambo (Nurudeen Gobril) and his wife was not established and a throwback scene or two could have done justice to that. This claim was further buttressed by Gobril's reaction when the doctor broke the news of his wife's health condition.

Most importantly, the fire scene towards the end of the movie was an epic fail. Considering the time frame from which Makanaki set the cell on fire to the time Gobril had to save Eniola Salami, the fire or at least the smoke should have killed Eniola or even both of them.

Despite all these flaws, the exceptional parts of the movie definitely supersedes the horrible ones. Should Reminisce and Illbliss keep up with this pace, they could join Falz in acquiring some Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards (AMVCA) accolades.

Anyway, to avoid hinting at more spoilers, let me just stop here! Hurry to the movies to see this gem of a movie before the obvious Part 2 is released.


Article posted by :- Sanusi Usman

on 2018-11-07 13:38:47

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