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Trending Mini Bags

Trending Mini Bags

By - Uduak Andrew-Bassey

Posted - 16-08-2019

Accessories are additional features that tell more about your style, sense of confidence and approach to life. Therefore, having the right one for your desired look is quite essential. Ladies handbags are one of the major accessories of today’s fashion world; as it completes a woman’s dressing.

Handbags are considered as a fashion statement that can either break or make style. As fashion changes, handbags must change else you will be out of fashion even with the latest designer dress. Getting along with the trends is essential, and it should happen with the whole outfit. Therefore, you must consider accessorizing perfectly with the handbag.

Your choice of bag

The size of handbag you carry determines the type of woman you are and the occasion you’re attending. A large handbag with enough space for all the small things, a cardigan or a scarf, a bottle of water, small makeup kit, and other necessities are best for work or school but certainly not for a date or club. Totes bags or mini bags are best for outings, dates, and clubs.


The Beauty in Mini bags

I’m fascinated by the tiny-bag trend. Every time I see a celebrity toting a micro purse, I wonder what they keep in them.  Mini bags are no longer reserved for nighttime. Despite their smaller size, these handbags still make a statement; from velvet to beaded and sequin iterations, embellished spikes, studs, crystals.

Asides looking fashionable and trendy, experts have found that smaller bags are better for our health than their larger counterpart which causes back pain, neck pain and headache. In addition, it’s small size makes it easier to access items in the bag as we all know how difficult it is to find something in a woman’s handbag.

Mini bags help you to be organized; ensuring you carry only very important items rather than packing your bag with items that might not be needed. You can easily carry your important personal belongings like medicines, wallets, cosmetics other valuables needed on a daily basis.

Who is up for some mini bag shopping? Let’s flood Instagram this week!


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Insightful article on beauty appearance.
Knowledge gain on kind of handbag for different occasions 👌
#whateverywomansholdknow #outfit #outing


All bags looking peng!