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Fabrics Embellished with Stones

Fabrics Embellished with Stones

By - Uduak Andrew-Bassey

Posted - 15-07-2019

Growing up, I used to admire lace fabrics because of the beautiful stones on it and I always ensured my parents purchased lace fabrics as Christmas cloth over Ankara fabrics. The quantity of the stones on the lace determined the quality of the fabric; thus, as at that time, a fully stoned lace was a sign of class and sophistication. Such is not the case anymore as even the cheapest of Ankara fabric is studded with stones and pearls with the price difficult to determine by merely looking at it. The art of stoning is versatile and helps you switch your fabric from basic to extraordinary; it is very easy to do and inexpensive with many people even purchasing the stones and doing it themselves.

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Do you want to join the trend? Check out fabrics you can embellish with stones:
STONED HEADGEAR: Owanbe ladies will love this! To bling your Gele, precious stones, beads, rhinestones, and sometimes silk flowers can be added to the Gele for a more glamorous appeal, giving your headgear a stunning look.

ANKARA FABRICS: When it comes to Ankara and African prints, the possibilities are endless.  Ankara is used to make garments for all occasions; after choosing a style that is en-vogue; you ensure your designer adds more glam by embellishing it with stones or pearls in a beautiful pattern, and not just packing stones on the fabric as a farmer would without any art of creativity.

LACE: Even though some lace comes with its own stone, fashion designers still take their time to stud the lace with more stones and pearls to make it more sophisticated.

WEDDING GOWNS: Wedding dresses are the centerpiece of your wedding day! I have this fashion designer friend that after she sewed a beautiful wedding dress, she devoted two days to embellish the dress with stones and pearls; the sight was indeed a beauty to behold. It’s all about enhancing your dress and putting the finishing touches onto your bridal look.  No need to break the bank, just ensure your dress is stylishly embellished with exquisite crystal, rhinestone and pearl necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings.

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STONED ASO OKE: Aso Oke is are mostly worn by Nigerian Yoruba brides. Some ladies have even taken it as a profession to stone this piece of fabric for to-be-brides. They bring their creativity into play by stoning the fabric using beautiful designs and patterns.


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