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Best Chief Bridesmaid Outfits

Best Chief Bridesmaid Outfits

By - Uduak Andrew-Bassey

Posted - 04-10-2019

Weddings are fascinating events; for the planning, you think over everything: the hall, the music, your outfit and the bridal train’s dresses. Often times, the chief brides maid outfit is often neglected forgetting she is the next to the star of the day.  When planning a wedding, let the key words; color, style and exquisiteness guide you when choosing the chief brides maid dress.

Tips to guide you

For colors, discard white: It belongs to the queen of the celebration. The chief bridesmaid dressed in the same shade will look awkward and get lost on the bride`s background. Stop the choice on soft pastel colors that emphasize the elegance and style of chief bridesmaid. If you are planning a themed “color” wedding based on the Tia africa’s fashion, choose, for example, green or blue, cream or gold color scheme for the chief bridesmaid gown.

Style: Refuse the provocative neckline, incredibly deep cuts, inserts made of translucent fabric and flashy decor in the form of stones, rhinestones, and sandals. A chief bridesmaid at the wedding is not a guest, she is a helper, and she should be there to help you with the train, fix the makeup, picks up the presented flowers and settles force majeure situations that may suddenly arise at the event. A chief bridesmaid will not be able to fulfill her duties if she is nervous every minute, pulling her too short skirt or getting out of her own long hem.


Exquisite: The day is traditionally the bride’s big day but the bride’s right-hand woman dresses and styles are buzzing these days. So, aside from the brides outfit, the chief bridesmaid’s outfit also has to stand out. The chief bridesmaid’s dress should be a symbol of grace, elegance, and restraint. The gown should be comfortable and really please her.

The chief bridesmaid is in the center of attention and should stand out on the background of other bridesmaids. Dress styles for bridesmaids can be very diverse: it all depends on the subject and style of the wedding. But the dress of the chief bridesmaid should be different. This can be anything: a sleeve, a belt, a color.

We hope our tips and collection of the best Tia Africa’s chief bridesmaid dresses guides you in making the right choice.


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