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Ankara with Spice

Ankara with Spice

By - Uduak Andrew-Bassey

Posted - 03-07-2019

It is surprising that our popular Ankara fabric in West Africa has a European origin and was formally called Dutch Wax. The fabric was tagged as a cheap fabric for the poor; high class will rather go for lace fabrics since they are more expensive.

These days, we cannot get enough of our Ankara, our designers keep
innovating designs and making it suitable for all occasions; yes, I mean all occasions from office to parties, church wear, beachwear, and the list is endless. Before now, they were seen as fabrics for only cultural activities and Sunday wear. They come in a variety of brands such as Vlisco, Da Viva, High Target, etc sewn to make any and all kinds of designs in the form of trousers, shirts, jackets, skirts, gowns or even bikinis.

This fabric, though adopted has played a huge role in developing the African fashion industry and bringing worldwide attention to it. As common as the Ankara fabric is, many people stack them in their wardrobe, either gifted or purchased for a party without knowing what to do with it. Rack your brain no more, we have carefully selected a collection of things you can do with your fabric. All you need do is spice it up!

BIKINI: Why go for the regular swimsuits when you can make your own unique bikini and stand out when next you’re going to the beach.

PLEATED HEADGEAR: For our “Owanbe” ladies, pleated geles are really trending, but have you tried it with a very colorful 6 yards Ankara fabric? Try the combination it with a plain colored dress and be wowed by the result.

BONNET: Many ladies on natural hair prefer to use Satin bonnets for their hair since it protects the hair from breakage and locks in moisture. Make this process more fun by using a bonnet made from Ankara instead of the regular.

DENIM: Putting on denim can be more interesting by spicing it up with Ankara fabric and a pair of sneakers for a casual outfit.

BLAZER: We told you, you can never get enough of the Ankara fabric! Male and female blazers and formal jackets can look more classy when beautifully designed with Ankara fabric.

WEDDING GOWNS: To be brides, consider spicing your wedding dress with Ankara fabric and see how unique you are going to look.

BAG AND SHOE: This might seem stale to some people but this time around, instead of using your Ankara bag and shoe with the matching Ankara rather, try it with a plain colored English dress.

PRE-WEDDING SHOOT: Pre-wedding shoots have become the order of the day in this part of the world; sew lovely Ankara styles with your fiancé or fiancée and get amazing pictures.

OFFICE SKIRT: Ankara can be combined with English material for your office wear.

JEWELRY: The trend is combining Ankara with any form of clothing. So you can make any form of jewelry with your Ankara fabric and you are all out to slay.

TOPS: Ankara fabric can be beautifully sewn to make lovely tops.

ANKARA PATTERNED AGBADA: Recently, the pattern of Ankara fabric can be imprinted into agbada; a popular outfit worn by Yorubas in Southwest Nigeria.

BOW TIES: Classy men in the house; for your next formal meeting, try rocking an Ankara bow tie and watch out how you’ll be the center of attraction in the gathering.


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