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Ladies: 10 Questions You Must Ask Before Saying YES

Ladies: 10 Questions You Must Ask Before Saying YES

By - Isaac Olawole Joseph

Posted - 21-09-2019

Before going into relationships, there are important answers you need to get. Below are 10 questions you need to ask your suitor before saying YES:

  1. Why do you want me as your wife?

This is very important. There should be a reason(s) why you are the best fit. Something might have triggered him to feel you are his wife. You should seek to know what exactly it is. No one comes from the moon to ask for your hand in marriage without a reason. It is important you find out.

  1. What kind of wife do you want?

Yes, he should be able to say in clear terms the kind of wife he wants. You never can tell if you fit into the lady of his choice. You need to be sure you are what he really wants. This is to forestall any future disagreement that might result from being coerced into doing what is against your own ethics and beliefs.

  1. What are your short term goals?

As much as he is expected to have his long term goals, it is also expected that he has some short term goals too. It is important you know what these short term goals are and how he intends to achieve it. It is not enough to have goals, there must also be action plans on how all of these goals would come into reality.

  1. What are your long term goals?

There are several men out there without goals. They have no special plans for the future. Some are not even sure of what the future holds for them. You don’t want to fall victim to such calamitous future. Ensure you get to know his long term plans. No matter how bad his plans are, it is far better than having no plans at all.

  1. What are your spiritual beliefs?

This is very sensitive. Whatever religion you practice, you must ensure you don’t have conflicting faiths so as to avoid any form of crisis later on in marriage. You need to be sure of his faith. If it doesn’t conflict with yours, then you can heed to him. But if you don’t approve of it, it is better you stay off.

  1. How often are we going to have sex?

The sex life of couples really matters. You need to know if you are going into a relationship with a sex maniac. You don’t want to get entangled in a relationship where you are being forced to have sex always against your will.

  1. How do you handle stress and frustration?

Not many men know how to handle frustrations. This might be as a result of stress from work. You need to know how he handles frustration. A man might get easily frustrated if things are not working his way. You need to ask him to tell you with practical examples how he has handled stress and frustrations in the past.

  1. What is your relationship with your family?

There are various stories of men alienated from their family. They probably deliberately chose not to identify with them. You need to know what his relationship with his family is. You don’t want to get messed up by his family members when you finally meet them.

  1. What is your health status?

Medically, there is a standard of the health status meant for intending couples. You need to sure of his health status. You need to avoid having a man whose health is a liability for a husband. Ensure that proper tests are carried out and verified. You are saving your future.

  1. What relationship escapades have you had?

He needs to tell you all. You should get to know about his past relationships. Get to see their pictures if you must. You are safeguarding your future. Press him well and ensure he is not keeping anything from you. Many ladies get deceived by family men who pretend to be single. You don’t want to fall into that trap.


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