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keep Exercising!

keep Exercising!

By - Uduak Andrew-Bassey

Posted - 09-10-2019

My message to you this week is simple: keep exercising!

You need this more now than ever. Here’s why;

According to medical research, the number of deaths from inactivity has equalled the number of deaths from smoking. That’s scary! And sad. Do you know why it’s sad?

Exercising can be achieved in very easy and enjoyable ways which you can incorporate into your normal daily routine. Do you see why it’s sad now? How do people die from being inactive?

As of now, inactivity has been linked to the following diseases: cardiac arrest, obesity, reproductive health issues and a few more.


What does this mean for you and me? We must treat inactivity as a bad habit. You know the face you give someone who’s coughing profusely and still continues to his sixth stick of cigarette? Yeah, that face.

You should give your friend that same face when he has been seated all day behind a desk without moving! Inactivity is as dangerous as smoking and you need to start treating it as such.


Here are some exercising tips:

You need to incorporate exercises into your daily routine. For example, instead of boarding a bike to your bus stop, why not trek? In fact, if your commute to your bus stop is less than 10 minutes, you should walk.


Use simple work-out routines. 50 press-ups here, 50 sit-ups there. Your aim is to get your heart to beat faster and for your body to go through work. Make it a habit!

Stand Up, and this can’t be stressed enough, from your seat. Use your lunch breaks to take strolls. Strolls will help you to not only exercise your physical body but also help you to clear your head during the day.

It keeps your head fresh and helps with generating ideas for your work. Whatever you do, don’t spend inordinate time just sitting behind your desk at work!

Lastly, this is for the men. Research has also proven exercising will help your sex game. So, please do!


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