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Cherry; one of the healthiest fruits in West Africa

Cherry; one of the healthiest fruits in West Africa

By - Uduak Andrew-Bassey

Posted - 03-07-2019

It’s cherry season once again and many of us are excited that our reddish, juicy and tasty cherry is back. Also, the kids in the southwestern part of Nigeria are singing their local song for cherry called Agbalumo in the Yoruba language. It will also interest you that asides enjoying the tasty fruit, cherry have amazing health benefits.


What is Cherry?
The botanical name of cherry is Chysophyllum albidum; it belongs to the Sapotaceae family. It is popularly called Agbalumo by Yorubas, Udara by Ibibios, and Otein by Edos. Compared to other fruits, cherry is among the healthiest fruits available thus should be consumed by all.

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Health Benefits of Cherry

  1. Source of calcium: cherry provides the body with about 10% of the amount of calcium needed by the body; hence, a very good source of calcium. Calcium strengthens the bones and teeth.
  2. Antibacterial properties: cherry has antibacterial properties and is a natural remedy for toothache, constipation, and indigestion. To benefit from this, use the stem as a chewing stick and ensure you swallow your saliva. It is also a remedy for Cough and other diseases. The roots and barks when boiled are excellent remedies for cough, yellow fever, high blood pressure, and diabetes. An infusion of the leaves is used to wash wounds (as an antiseptic); it also serves as a remedy for diarrhea and constipation.
  3. Good for pregnant women: cherry is highly recommended for pregnant women because it reduces salivation and is one of the best natural sources of vitamin A and C (the vitamin C found in the pulp of cherry is higher than the ascorbic content of orange and guava).
  4. Contains Antioxidant properties: the fruit contains antioxidant properties which give the body a better chance of fighting and preventing heart disease and cancer.
  5. Aids Metabolism: the fruit serves as a very good snack, contains fiber which aids digestion, and ideal for those watching their weight.
  6. Weight loss: it is unfortunate that after eating the pulp of cherry fruit, we mostly dispose of the skin. In fact, the skin is one of the most medicinal parts of the cherry plant. To maximize the full benefit in the skin, you chop it into pieces then blend a handful of it in a liter of water. This is excellent for maintaining a healthy metabolism, and therefore suitable for losing weight. It is also advantageous in the management of diabetes. In addition, the leaves contain hypoglycemic (lowering blood sugar) and anti-platelet activities.


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