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Caution: It’s Snaky This Summer

Caution: It’s Snaky This Summer

By - Uduak Andrew-Bassey

Posted - 03-07-2019

A friend complained of killing three snakes in his house at a pace of two weeks. It captivated my curiosity as to what could have led to that since the environment was not bushy or dirty. I got to realize that snakes are usually many during warm winter and summer.

Please note that I have no intentions of scaring anyone, but
to ensure we are all on the lookout this season. As it is popularly said that; “Information is power”.

Nature of Snakes
Research has it that snakes are cold-blooded reptiles (meaning they are incapable of producing their body heat; hence, gets it from another source). During summer, snakes come out of their hiding to bask in the simmering heat because even though snakes need to absorb heat to warm their blood; they also can’t absorb too much or they’ll overheat. For this reason, they prefer cool locations like under rocks, in basements, etc. That is why you tend to see snakes more, early in the morning or at night than during the day time.

Snakes are carnivores that help balance the food chain by feeding on preys such as rats, birds, frogs, and other reptiles. It preys are usually found in cool, damp, dark and undisturbed places. That is why some snakes enter the house or yard to hunt for small mammals and some insect. Some may dig into loose soil or
under decorative rocks, siding, or decks to hunt its preys and get shelter.

Also during summer, some snakes mate then find a place to hibernate called “hibernaculum”; the place needs to be dark, warm, enclosed and undisturbed. Around the house, places like cracked walls, garage, the foundation serve as its hibernaculum. They lay eggs and then multiply.

How to prevent snakes from your home

To get rid of snakes from the environment; ensure your surrounding is unappealing to snakes and its prey. Remember, prevention is better than cure.

  1. Clear your surroundings: remove bushes, dead leaves, and piles of branches which could serve as harborage for snakes and their prey.
  2. Seal it up: By getting rid of grasses and dead leaves within your compound, pests will sneak into the house to seek refuge. Thus, seal up all routes that snakes can pass through; seal all cracks in your walls and foundation, fix broken pipes, damaged window, etc. Ensure they don’t gain access into your home.
  3. No moisture buildup: Some snakes will crawl into humid parts of the house since cockroaches and spiders
    hide there. Hence, ensure you fix all faucets and pipes in your bathroom, toilets, and kitchen.
  4. Pest control: Ensure you do these from time to time; getting rid of all rodents, cockroaches, spiders and other insects.
  5. Get rid of dirt: This is also very important; snakes and its preys can hide in a pile of dirt. Thus, ensure you clear all refuse in compound else, you’ll be breeding snakes and its prey.

Finally, remember that prevention is better than cure but if bitten by a snake, contact medical personnel immediately.


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Nice article, thank you for this tips.