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8 Things Ladies That Are Crazy in Love Do

8 Things Ladies That Are Crazy in Love Do

By - Isaac Olawole Joseph

Posted - 19-08-2019

It is wrong to assume that ladies do not go entirely head over heels with their man; some ladies still love with the whole of their heart and do crazy things just for their man. If you want to recognise a lady who is crazy in love, below are some of the things you find them doing:

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  1. They mimic their man: Love entails accepting your partner just the way he is. Many a time, ladies find their man having a feature totally different from theirs; and in a bid to satisfy or show love for their man, they do things they would ordinarily not do. For instance, most men love sports and for a lady who is not keenly into sports; she would be ready to go all the way to watch or take part in sports just for the love she has for the man. Have you ever found yourself, as a lady, partaking in sports just because of a man, then we can boldly assert that you are crazy in love which is actually a beautiful thing.

  2. They experiment: This can come in different forms. Ladies try new things when they are overly crazy in love. Sometimes, they go all the length to try new sexual experience with their man. They want to experiment all their new discoveries just to please the man. This is a show of love. As a lady, when you find yourself thinking so hard on how to satisfy your man in the bedroom with new styles and techniques, then you should be sure that you are crazy in love with him. Some of these experiments carried out are things that they would never have done with any man even if their life depended on it – but for love, anything goes!

  3. They spend lavishly: Ladies that are crazy in love go out of their way to shower gifts on the man they love. Even if the lady does not have much, they spend lavishly from the little they have. This is the power of love. It makes you want to go overboard just to please your man. You want to get him amazing things. You want to show that you really care about him. You want to prove your loyalty. And between, many ladies make sacrifices just to buy gifts for their man. Have you found a lady saving up or making a lot of sacrifices just to buy gifts for their man? Such a lady is actually crazy in love.

  4. They let down their guards: Whether this should be a positive or negative characteristic for a lady who is in love is not a debate we are interested in delving into. What is paramount about ladies that are crazy in love with their man is that they become so vulnerable. They are prone to being hurt. Many times, selfish guys take their love for granted and hurt them in return. But is there actually a crime in loving a man freely? Security of interests should be the hallmark of any relationship.

  5. They put their friends aside: This is an attribute that a lady who is extremely in love exhibit that should probably be discouraged. She focuses solely on her man; paying little or no attention to her old friends. It is as if the man has taken centre stage of her life and everything she does revolves around him. Nothing really seems of interest to her apart from her man. Putting your friends on the back seat all for the sake of love could have effects though but a lady who is madly in love with you would certainly not mind the consequences.

  6. They reveal their secrets: There are things ordinarily that a lady should not say out. But they feel free talking about it with their man. In short, they want him to know everything about them. Even secrets that are regarded as dirty or dark are revealed. This is the extent to which love intoxicates. It makes you feel open. You certainly want to say it all. Whether this act of revealing dirty secrets is a show of affection or a mere charade is not a debate we want to be a part of. What is truly paramount is that the lady in love with you is ready to go all the way to tell you things you might not even be interested in.

  7. They cook for you: Yes, whether she is homely or a good cook does not matter here. She wants to make sure that you are comfortable. She goes the extra mile just to make sure you are comfortable. She invites you over for meals at her place; or probably she comes over to your place to prepare the meals. You need no soothsayer to know that there is an underlying feeling driving this act of generosity.

  8. They go goofy: A lady who is crazily in love with you will surely display her naughty and playful side. She gets so playful with you. She feels absolutely free to play roughly with you. She gets naughty and extremely goofy. She is madly in love with you.

However, if as a man you notice any of these characteristics being exhibited by your lady. Ensure you do not take her for granted. They are love beings and are conditioned to act that way. It’s not weird. It’s just their own way of expressing their love. Although, it differs among ladies and the degree to which they do all of these things differ too. Ladies are amazing creatures. We can’t but help gush over them. Love is a beautiful thing! Never get it twisted!


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