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10 Nail Art designs you can DIY at home

10 Nail Art designs you can DIY at home

By - Uduak Andrew-Bassey

Posted - 28-07-2019

Nail art is a creative way to paint, decorate, enhance, and embellish the nails. DIY is a concept in which you learn some basics skills for your personal consumption. There are simple nail designs you can do in the comfort of your home without going to the salon. DIY (Do-It-Yourself) your nails without the aid of experts or professionals with basic tools like nail polish, studs, glitters, wire works, bow tie etc. I will advise you to go for some nail shopping and commence your art class asap.

The world of nail design has become more creative and innovative than ever before, there are countless chic and cute ideas to DIY; from sleek and minimalistic styles to quirky and cool 3D designs, there’s a nail art idea for everyone, and we can help you find the perfect one for you. These top ideas are sure to get you excited and fired up for some new fabulous fingertips.


This is very easy, depending on your wealth of creativity. After painting your nails with the nail polish of your choice, try adding a little drama to your nails by applying studs. The design pairs particularly well with dark and rich, wintery colours such as blue, burgundy, oxblood, and plum.

Wire Work

Have you ever tried designing your nails with wire works? If you have a little wand of wirework, you can try bending it creatively to make a nice design that can be used in decorating your nails after painting your natural or artificial nails with a monochrome colour; just choose a bold design or something more simplistic.

Under-nail Art

If you want a nail design idea that is unique and on-trend while still being office appropriate, look no further than under-nail art. The chic look can be created by applying a colour to the tops of your nails and a contrasting hue to the underside.


This is one of the easiest designs to DIY. It looks very unique; a combination of simplicity and art. The “ strikes” can be created with a blunt tip brush or thick cardboard. Try rocking the look with bright hues on the weekend or more subdued shades during the week.

Simple Squares

As the name implies, simple small squares are created on the nails using a tape. The small squares create a seriously chic nail design idea. When creating the design, consider using two different shades of the same colour for a coordinated yet creative look.

Round the Outside

One stylish nail trend that you can create at home is the “round the outside” look. The design can be made by first painting your nails completely in a base shade, such as taupe. Then, after it has dried, carefully trace around the edges of your nails using a blunt brush in a bold colour.


Add some glamour to your fingertips with the addition of mini pearl beads. The beads can easily be attached by pressing them into wet polish. Use one on each nail for a sophisticated touch or cover your nails completely for a luxurious look.

Newspaper Nails

Newspaper nails are a creative and cool look to rock. The design can be created by either using stamps or real paper to imprint words and pictures on your nails. Just be aware that people may try to read your nails all day long.

Half and Half

Even beginner nail artists can create a chic “half ‘n’ half” look with ease. All you need is two different colours of polish and nail art tape. While you could split your nails horizontally into the two contrasting colours, a diagonal design feels a lot fresher.

Gold Stripes

While it used to be that your only choice was what colour of polish you want, today, the list of nail art accessories and tools that you can buy is amazingly extensive. One such accessory is striping tape, which, when used in gold, can create a chic, modernistic design.

Why leave your nails natural when a little bit of work can turn them into an eye-catching piece of art?


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