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Top 7 Bridal Hairstyles for Your Wedding

Top 7 Bridal Hairstyles for Your Wedding

By - Isaac Olawole Joseph

Posted - 17-07-2019

There are many factors to keep in mind when choosing a bridal hairstyle. Firstly, as much as you would love to go with the trends, the ultimate satisfaction can only be derived through personal preference. Taste and preference aside, you have to decide on the type of hair accessories to use. Which accessory works best for your wedding gown, pieces of jewelry and overall look?

Like with most accessories, the options are almost endless with bridal hair accessories. From bridal comb to clip to headband, tiara, hair vines or pins and more, you’ll have to decide on which of these work best for your bridal beauty look and overall wedding style. You must remember that every aspect of your bridal look works together for good, literally.

To help make your selection a little less stressful, we’ve curated 7 stunning bridal hairstyles by top Nigerian hair artist, Abd’azeez, popularly known on the Gram as Hairbysleame. These bridal hairstyles and accompanying accessories are timeless, elegant and perfect for brides getting married in this month of love.

Below are 7 perfect bridal hairstyles:

1. Twisted Chignon Top Knot Bun

2. Side Swept Chignon

3. Side Swept Swirl + Chignon Angular Bun

4. Side Swept + Sculptured Rose Bun

5. Side Swept + Low-Flat Chignon Bun

6. Side Swept Chignon 

7. Low-Flat Chignon Bun


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