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Hairstyles Far From The Regular

Hairstyles Far From The Regular

By - Uduak Andrew-Bassey

Posted - 25-08-2019

Every woman looks more beautiful when her hair is made and gorgeously styled. A woman’s hair is the crown of her glory and should be frequently done to make her look beautiful and boost her confidence.

Below are a collection of trendy hairstyles quite different from the regular Ghana weaving, cornrows, braids, etc.

Stitch braids

You can never go wrong with braids. Year by year they do not go out of fashion with really creative braid styles coming up. Among them is the latest stitch braids. This hairstyle is unique. It is often confused for Ghana weaving but on a closer look, you will notice that there is no visible extension joining like the regular Ghana weaving. Also, another visible difference is several tiny stitches in this style.

Flat twist

This is a trending style for naturalist’s; it is achieved by basically twisting each plait. It suits to anyone irrespective of any type of facial complexion and hair texture. Flat twists are a great matter of choice when it comes to styling your hair in an iconic way and making it seem quite trendy. Flat twist can be done in a very good or a natural hair salon.  Extensions can be used on it; preferably Marley twist or kinky twist extension to give a natural look.

Spring Twist

Spring twists are braiding hair extensions used for very light and bouncy twists. They can also be installed crochet. They blend well with kinky and relaxed textures. Each pack is 110g. Use 2 to 6 packs depending on the exact look you want to achieve.

Bob box Braid

Braids are African hairstyle that gives huge opportunities for creativity; it can be styled as desired to achieve whichever desired look. Amidst these versatile braids are the box bob braid; this hairstyle is very sleek and can fit anyone.


Faux locks/ Dreads

This form of braids is known to be installed by a natural hair expert. It is trendy and comes with a special feeling. Used not just as a protective style, faux locks helps in hair growth, especially for the natural hair folks.  It takes a lot to maintain this style especially if it is being considered to be worn long term. The stylist takes up to 4 hours to install this style with regard to how long it would be worn. This style can last from a month to a year depending on the stylist and the materials used.



Wigs have also become really trendy in the Nigerian fashion market. Comfortable, affordable and stress-free, wigs save most Nigerian women the stress of visiting the salon. Whether made into braids or with the extensions even as Ghana weavings, wigs helps to keep the natural hair aerated and prevents itching. It has become every woman’s go-to for a quick fix, especially on a bad hair day. Some wigs are so naturally made it could be confused with the main fix. They may be quite expensive but they last for an incredibly long time.


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