Many people are in the habit of waking up one morning, looking themselves in the mirror and exclaiming; OMG! I have added; I am so fat, my stomach is so big etc!!! They all of a sudden begin engaging in rigorous exercises in a bid to lose weight and after about two weeks, they get tired and stop…lol.

Did they increase in size in one day? Did those extra fat-handles pop up in one day? What about the Christian-mother arms, did they appear all of a sudden? Definitely not, since they did not all pop in one day, that little sit up or jogging isn’t going to perform the magic.

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Are we saying exercise is not effective?

No, not at all, exercise is very effective and the result lasting than drugs or slimming teas. Slimming teas have high laxative content which acts as a diuretic (excess urine passage), leading to dehydration in a healthy person. Dehydration has been said to lead to other side effects such as fainting, nausea, vomiting and stomach cramps. Slimming pills have a more detrimental effect such as constipation, heartburn, fatigue, dry mouth, low blood sugar in type 2 diabetes, increased lipase, increased blood pressure and heart rate, insomnia, nervousness, restlessness, dependence, abuse or withdrawal may occur with long-term use.

Exercise as a culture

Exercise is a process; it is gradual hence, should be a regular routine just like eating, doing your laundry, bathing etc. It should be a culture. A layman defines culture as a way of life. Yes, I am saying exercise should be a way of life; a habit that should be formed, it should be included in your to-do-list.  Never underestimate the magic a five-minute daily exercise routine can give. It should not be rigorous else you will get tired and stop. You should enjoy it and not see it as a form of work.



Must I use the gym before I can exercise?

Quite alright, we need someone to motivate us especially going through exercise routines but, what if you cannot afford it? What if you have busy schedules and there's no spare time for the gym? Is that an excuse not to exercise? There is no appropriate place to exercise, that little space in your room is enough for you to exercise only if you have a willing mind. You are all the motivation you need. All you need do is to "wake up and get up". Get a skipping rope, jog on a spot, do a bit of aerobics, download an exercise app on your phone and just ensure you work out every day. 

Motivate yourself with background music

Music helps to distract us from getting easily fatigued; it helps you push yourself harder during workouts. Music increases mental arousal, it alters the minds arousal state, psyching one up to increase exercise performance. Your favorite music is that "ginger" required to perform exercise better. Speed and tempo are the two most important factors that affect exercise intensity; it is ideal to start your warm-up with a slower song (120 to 126 bpm) and gradually increase the speed according to the type of exercise you will be doing.

Lastly, I will leave you with the words of my coach which rings a bell in my head each time I jog, it can work for you too: NO PAIN, NO GAIN.




Article posted by :- Uduak Andrew Bassey

on 2019-03-19 07:27:41

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