7 African Celebrity Breakups In 2018

7 African Celebrity Breakups In 2018


Celebrities’ breakups have always been a part of the lives of entertainers. African celebrities in 2018 were involved in different scandals leading to bitter and nasty breakups. Below are 7 celebrities’ breakups in 2018.

  • Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg Slim (Ghana)
  • IK Ogbonna and Sonia La Reina (Nigeria)
  • AKA and Bonang (South Africa)
  • Asamoah and Gifty Gyan (Ghana)
  • Vera Sidika and Otile Brown (Kenya)
  • Medikal and Sister Deborah (Ghana)
  • Ayanda Thabethe and Mthoko Mkhathini (South Africa)

Juliet Ibrahim and Iceberg Slim (Ghana)

Juliet Ibrahim exposed in an interview that she had ended things with Iceberg Slim, without clearly stating the reason for the decision. Iceberg Slim later gave a cryptic post on his instagram handle saying: “When toxic person can no longer control you, they’ll try to control how others see you. The misinformation will feel unfair, but stay above it, trusting that other people will see the truth, just like you did.” This was the end of a relationship that looked so perfect.

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IK Ogbonna and Sonia La Reina (Nigeria)

Rumours started flying around that IK Ogbonna and Sonia were in bad terms when the latter dropped his last name from all her social media accounts. She also dropped a cryptic message on her instagram which reads: ‘Dare to chose happiness over irrelevant, empty norm. You can tell Ace loves photos lol’.  IK Ogbonna however dismissed the rumours of a breakup but confirmed his relationship was going through hard times. Things have however changed for the duo; while there are hopes the situation might turn round, it’s all dark shades at the moment.

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AKA and Bonang (South Africa)

Sometimes in September 2017, AKA claimed he lied about his brief breakup with Bonang. He said it was just a publicity stunt; but fast forward to 2018, it’s more of a reality than a stunt. However, it appears the decision to put a total stop to the on and off relationship was mutual. Though, AKA still confessed to being hurt about how everything went. The main reason for the breakup is still unknown.

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Asamoah and Gifty Gyan (Ghana)

Gyan has always been involved in one scandal or the other, but has always managed his way out of it all. But in 2018, it all got worse. It was reported that Gyan filed for a divorce. Things got messy when the paternity of his children was questioned. Gifty claimed she had nothing to hide and was innocent of the charges pressed against her. It is believed that Gyan is currently seeing Nina Atala, a rumour Nina has continually turned down. But for Gyan and Gifty, it was the end of a love story.

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Vera Sidika and Otile Brown (Kenya)

It was a bitter breakup between the former lovebirds. Things got so nasty that insults were traded, whatsapp messages were dug out and videos were released. Vera accused Otile of being a parasite siphoning her money. She wrote on her handle: “Otile Brown and I are no longer in a relationship. I know it’s not important but since social media was involved it’s good to just speak my mind about it here. To avoid y’all tagging me on posts, sending me videos and all that stuff. I’m human. Feel free to judge. Feel free to share this post with your friends & gossip about it, feel free to Mock my situation. It’s okay, I’m human and I’m gonna be true to myself.” I WAS FAITHFUL 100 PER CENT. I was in this purely out of love and I was there for him anytime and every time he needed me. I gave him full support love and care, I supported his dreams, and I was ride or die for him. I was faithful 100 percent. I turned down hot guys, governors, Presidents from different countries who wanted to date me cause I’m not about that life anymore.” Things have got awry for the duo and one of the most talked about relationship is all gone.

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Medikal and Sister Deborah (Ghana)

After two years, Medikal finally ended his relationship to Sister Deborah and he revealed the details in a diss track. He claimed things have gone sour between them for a while and he also confirmed he was now seeing Fella Makafui. He later revealed that Sister Deborah was pressurizing her for marriage; a feat he was not yet ready for.       

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Ayanda Thabethe and Mthoko Mkhathini (South Africa)

The reason for the duo split up is yet unknown. Ayanda, in one of her insta stories confirmed the breakup when she replied to a question about her relationship with Mkhathini saying: "I'm single again. I'll always think the world of him." The lovebirds were approaching their third year anniversary before things got sour. She later revealed her plans for a new relationship saying: "I'm not looking. I believe life will bring at the right time. I'm not in a rush either. I love a guy that is secure in himself and his self worth, honest, humble and kind. One who is hard working, ambitious, family orientated, adventurous and God fearing." It became clear that it was the end of a love story. 

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