10 Ways To Prevent Cancer

10 Ways To Prevent Cancer



Cancer is an abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells in the body. These cells later form what is called a tumor. Cancers could also spread to different parts of the body. There are several types of cancer. Some of these cancers are curable; however, they tend to relapse again in some cases. There are some other forms of cancers that can’t be cured. There are different stages and grading of cancers. However, we will be focusing on how to prevent this deadly disease. Below are ten(10) ways to prevent cancer:

1. Take Green Tea

Various researches have shown that nutrients from green tea help in curtailing the abnormal growth of cells in the body. Green tea contains antioxidants which are harmful to cancer cells. To prevent cancer, ensure you take green tea regularly. It also prevents formation of blood cells in tumors.

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2. Exercise Daily

Regular exercise helps to reduce cancer risk. It has been reported that obese individuals suffer a great risk of cancer related infections. Doing a lot of exercise keeps you in the right shape and reduces greatly your chances of getting infected.

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3. Go For Medical Checkups Regularly

How many times do you go for regular medical checkups? You need to be extremely cautious about your body. You don’t have to wait till things degenerate before crying out. Visit your doctor once or twice a month and explain to him any unusual growth/pain in your body.

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4. Reduce Sugary Drinks

Take sweetened drinks and food makes you prone to getting infected. If you are in the habit of taking sugary drinks always; it is advisable you do away with that habit. Drinking sugary liquid might not necessarily make you get infected but you tend to consume more calories which is hazardous to your health as being overweight tends to expose you to cancer diseases.

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5. Reduce Eating Of Processed Meats

The Cancer Council has strongly recommended that people avoid taking in processed meats as it is said to be high in fats, salt and nitrates. Eating a lot of processed meats exposes you to getting infected. If you are a lover of red meats, it is high time you started avoiding it.  

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6. Drink Responsibly

Many persons drink overboard. To prevent getting cancer, it is advisable you cut down the excessive level of your drinking habits. Taking much alcohol exposes you to getting infected. It is also said that the risk of getting cancer increases based on the number of drinks consumed. Whenever you go for a party or chill out with friends; ensure you take less of alcohol.

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7. Stop Smoking

Smoking exposes you to a greater risk of getting cancer. You can fully shun tobacco if you really want to prevent cancer. Apart from other health benefits of quitting smoking; it makes your body organs function well. It is not too late to quit smoking. Health is Wealth!

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8. Eat garlic Always

Regular consumption of garlic helps to prevent cancer. Garlic has many cancer-fighting constituents which are of benefit to your health. The next time you want to prepare that meal; ensure you add garlic. It saves you the cost of a life-battling disease.

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9. Get Vitamin D Daily

Vitamin D differs in constituents depending on race, altitude and location. However, it helps the body in absorbing calcium which is essential for the body. It also reduces the risk of getting exposed to cancer. Ensure you get your body exposed to the sunlight for at least 15 minutes everyday so as to get Vitamin D.

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10. Maintain A Dark Bedroom

Sleeping in a dark room has several benefits and interestingly; one of the benefits is that it reduces the risk of getting cancer. Studies reveal that a hormone called Melatonin is released in the brain at night; however, the productivity level of this hormone increases in the absence of artificial light. Sleeping in a dark room would surely save your health.

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Remember, Health Is Wealth!

Article posted by :- Uduak Andrew Bassey

on 2018-11-06 14:56:08

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