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Posted on 2019-05-18

Located in the Western part of Nigeria, Ibadan is 128 km inland northeast of Lagos and 530 km southwest of Abuja, the federal capital. And it serves as a significant transit point between the coastal region and other areas in the hinterland of the country.

Of all the cities in Africa, Ibadan is the largest and is fast becoming the destination of choice. While it may be less popular than Lagos, Ibadan is up there in the pack when it comes to the best attractions. First of all, it’s the home of the premier university in Nigeria and hosts the first skyscraper building in the country which is a must-visit for every tourist.

Ibadan is one of Nigeria’s major transport hubs as it has freeways linking it up with other parts of the country. This opens up the ancient city to chains of entertainment and relaxation centres where tourists can unwind and get a taste of the nightlife. And let’s not forget the amazing array of bars and lounges to visit. As you spot this magical place from the many entrances that leads to it, you become aware that you are reaching one of the most beautiful places in Africa, where luxury resorts compete with lavish nature to fulfill your every wish.

Ibadan has some stiff competition across Nigeria when it comes to the prettiest city; Lagos and Calabar rival its romance, as also the enchanting corridors of Port Harcourt. However, Ibadan was born with the intent of showcasing everything sweet, styled and straight-up pretty in the ancestral city. Tourists who travel to Ibadan are eager to visit its famous landmarks like the Cocoa House, the Premier University, Agodi Gardens and the like – but Ibadan is so much more. From bars to lounges, Ibadan is always camera-ready, looking to fill their super chic Instagram feed with the pretty little things that catch their eyes along the way.

Ibadan is a vibrant city not to be missed on any trip through Nigeria, even if you’re ‘not really a city person‘. After all, there are plenty of quirky corners and small pockets where you can truly get away from it all. So whether you love art, architecture, or drinking oodles of tea, here’s your guide to beautiful places in Ibadan you won’t want to miss on any trip to the ancient city!

Whatever your interests, Ibadan will have something to suit you. And to narrow down your search, check out our guide to other attractions in the attractive city.

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